Library Equipment Request Form

Your request must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to your pickup time.

The maximum booking time for the equipment is one week per month.

Warning: Your request will be cancelled if your items are not picked up within 3 hours of the pickup date/time.

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Cameras     Projection Equipment Quantity Item
  Digital Still Camera  
  Digital Audio Recorder   Digital Projector
  Flip Camera   Projection Screen (50'' Diagonal)
  Panasonic Full HD Camera   Wireless Presenter
  Tripod (Adjustable, 20'' - 56'')      
Accessories     Sound Equipment    
  USB Cable   CD/DVD Player
  iPod Cable   Portable Sound System (Includes microphone, amp, speakers)
  Ethernet Cable   Telecommunication System (Conference Phone)
  Power Strip  
  Extension Cord  
  Either PC or Mac - No Preference
  Mac Adaptor
Comments/Other Questions      

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